Monday, February 28, 2011

Learn more about Nancy, France

Nancy, comes from the Celtic word "Nant," which means both "valley" and "river". The name Nancy means "the wooded river valley". Nancy is in the northeast of France, between several hills that form a wooded plateau. Two rivers, the Moselle and Meurthe, intersect at Nancy. Nancy is a college town. There are three major universities with facilities in Nancy. There are also several engineering schools, a major business school, and many other institutes of higher education. Nancy is a major center of art in France. Nancy is a historical town, with buildings dating from the early Middle Ages. The most famous landmark is the Place Stanislas (pictured below), which is a pedestrian square built by the former King of Poland-Lithuania and 18th-century Duke of Lorainne, Stanislaw Leszczynski. It is often used for public festivals.

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