Thursday, April 21, 2011

Disability Sunday - April 10 (Part 2)

In the evening service we had the joy of hearing two of the STARS share their stories of faith. It was wonderful hearing how God has worked in the lives of these two STARS. The STARS STAMP team performed a skit about the Good Samaritan (taken from Luke 10:25-37). Getting adults with disabilities to ignore someone in need is quite a task! But the STARS put all they had into the story. Pastor Nates challenged each of us to look inside ourselves and ask if we are willing to step in and show compassion, especially when there might be no personal benefit.

Here are some specific prayer requests for our team:
* That the Lord would be honored in our speech, conduct, music and drama and that our whole team would be eager to serve.
* That God would prepare the hearts of people in France to receive the gospel message.
* That we would prepare diligently so that we might do our best in France.
* That God would keep our team healthy and safe as we travel.
* Praise God that all of the financial support is in for the trip.
* Pray that the evangelical church in France would be awakened to proclaim the gospel to the disability community.

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