Friday, May 27, 2011

Sharing the STARS Story

Friday afternoon we had a group interview with Denis and Jean Pierre (Dennis and John Peter). Jean Pierre works for a Christian organization that services about 2000 people with special needs, mostly around Paris. This organization is about 50 years old. Denis has also worked for this organization for about 20 years. They wanted to network with us and had five questions: 1) What are some concrete things people are doing for the rights of the disabled in America, 2) Why did College Church start the STARS ministry, 3) How did College Church do it, 4) With what did we start, 5) Now, years later, what lessons have we learned. We had almost two hours to share the STARS story. Some of the STARS even shared what the programs mean to them. Was great. Who knows how God will use this iterview. Denis will try to consolidate this interview and will be posted on their website.

Last night we had a concert at a large church with the Nancy Gospel Choir, Kaleidoscope (the quartet we performed with on Tuesday) and Africarel (the percussion group we visited on Wednesday). What a great evening. There was so much energy in the crowd. The STARS did a great job. As David said afterwards, "God was here". That He was.

We had rain off and on today but that couldn't dampen the spirits of the STARS! Now tomorrow (Saturday) we head to Strasbourg for another big concert tomorrow night.

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  1. Your College Church family is really enjoying hearing about your time in France! I've heard from several people that they're reading your blog and praying. It sounds like you've all settled into this busy lifestyle of playing gigs and learning from each other. Wow! I am just so proud of you Stars, I could cry with happiness! Our Washington House Bible verse from Psalm 126 comes to mind; "Our mouths are filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy."
    Love to you all from the Caseys