Thursday, May 26, 2011

STARS at Work

Thursday we had the opportunity to visit another workplace here in France for people with disabiities. There were 180 people employed at this site. Some of the different things they were doing were printing logos on t-shirts, a wood working shop, a gardening team, and assembly work.

After a nice tea break we divided into two groups. We all saw the sane thing, just in reverse order. We went to the publicity workshop where we saw some of the projects they have done - logos on soccer balls, t-shirts, etc. This day they were doing a large order of logos on t-shirts. A machine layed down the stencil, a worker painted on the logo, and then took it off to ¨dry¨ it on in another machine. Was very interesting. Then we went to the sewing area. There were sewing machines - one making blue plastic skirts to protect some piping during transportation (these were going to Kuwait). Another machine was making plastic coverings to protect scooter handle bars in transportation. Another machine was sewing the cardboard on packets of sample ladies' hoes that you see in stores. Then we went over to an area where they were cutting boxes out of large pieces of cardboard. Another area was vacuum wrapping some items and then putting on prices. Saw another area where they were assembling drawers. Saw their stockroom. Quite extensive. Then had a small appetizer before a delicious lunch in the dining room. In the afternoon our group went to the woodworking location. The buiding is about a 10 minute walk from the main building. The first stop was where they were using an electric staple gun to assemble boxes to hold beer. Any STARS who wanted were able to try that. They did a great job. We've helped the French economy! Another guy was taking apart old car CD's and sorting them between material that is recycleable and not recycleable. Then we all got our ear plugs on and went in to where they were putting grooves into wood to make boxes. Again any STAR who wanted too got to help cut a few pieces of wood. Very fun! Some were hesitant to try, but then really enjoyed it. At this point all the workers at the workplace came outside and we gave a mini concert with chimes and some singing. Was so neat to watch everyone.

The workers were so excited. I don't know if they ever got them back to work! A delightful day.

When we got home we had our team meeting. Syvie (Sylvia) has been a large part of the planning during our time here working tirelessly on meals. She gave us her story. Got has used our time here to challenge her to think of her story and put it down. We were all touched. It was wonderful to have a time of prayer for her.

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