Sunday, May 29, 2011

Strasbourg Special

On Saturday we had a wonderful lunch with all of our host families and then set out for Strasbourg for our final concert. We arrived later than we had hoped and were admittedly tired. We arrived for our sound check an hour late. Yet, God was so faithful and many of the STARS parents and others said it was perhaps our best concert.

Daniel from the Protestant Coalition on Human Dignity, told the audience about the 96% abortion rate for babies with Down Syndrome in France. Once again we sang with the Nancy Gospel Singers and our concert was part of the initiative to show the value of people with intellectual disabilities. STAR Karilyn, STARS Mom Brenda Kopp and STARS Dad Jim Davis gave their stories of faith as well. Following the concert, serveral families who had children with Down Syndrome came up to meet the STARS. One teenager, Melodie, was so pleased to meet the STARS. She loves to sing as well and her mother was so encouraged to see the STARS singing. Following the concert, Daniel asked Sara if she have another concert with people with special needs.

On Sunday morning, we walked around Strasbourg and saw the most beautiful cathedral. We arrived as the organ was playing and it truly was heavenly music. At 11 AM we headed for the train station and I don't know what we would have done without the help of all the Nancy Gospel Singers. It was a tearful farewell as the Singers stood on the platform singing "You Raise Me Up" while holding up the following signs:

We had a nice time of debriefing in the eveing and sharing stories and thanking God for all the ways he had provided and all the doors that he had opened.

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  1. This makes me cry. Thanks for again declaring to the world the ways God is using the Stars. As I pray for the Stars it is my way of praying for all of us who have disabilities and must intentionally face the obstacles that could defeat us from letting our light shine brightly for our Heavenly Father because of the gift of Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit.