Saturday, May 21, 2011

We have arrived

After an 8 hour plane ride, two hours in the Charles DeGaulle Airport, a ride on the TGV (France's speed train that travels at over 150 miles per hour), we met Sara and Manu and the rest of our host families.

We have already experienced God's watch and care over our team. When we arrived at the Charles DeGualle Airport, all of our baggage safely arrived with all of our musical instruments in tact. We were met by Lauren, part of the Nancy team and host to come of our team. We had a little adventure when our group got separated at the airport because the airport security found a unattended bag and cleared the area so that the security could come and encase the bag and take it away. After about a half-hour, we were reunited. Tim Davis remarked that he needed to treat us like a pet and keep us on a leash!

Getting on to the TGV train was a bit of an adventure since they do not tell the platform it is arriving on until 15 minutes before arrival. Let's just say getting us all to the platfrom with all of our luggage was a bit of a stretch, but God got us all there and not one was left behind.

We were met at the train station by Manu and Sara Klopfenstein and many of the French committee members and host families. We all got into vans and cars and were taken to spend the evening with our host families.

The French team has created a blog as well, so check it out to see pictures of our arrival at the train station.

Thanks for your prayers

Dawn Clark

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